Free Candy, Puppies and Stuff- #1 Los Bigotes Bus

Last week we asked you all to submit Pics and stories of your rides. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I am super stoked to bring you our first of many ( I hope ) submissions. Im sure you have heard the name Los Bigotes, and now is you chance to see one of their founding members Van. Might I add, this isn't just a van but instead a skydivers palace of pure amazement. One step further, one of the seven wonders of the extreme sports world. So, check it out and don't forget to email us @ to submit your ride.
Dan Quinn and his dog Flynn

The Bigote Bus 

The "Bigote Bus" took roughly four months to build. It's a Ford Transit 250 High Roof that had 20K miles on it that I bought in September. I spent October-December insulating it and began framing the inside. After the new year I was averaging 8 hours a day on it doing the finish work on the inside of the van. I made my drop dead stop time on the van as the end of February and was able to move into it the last week of February. There's still some work that needs to be done, but for now it's livable and awesome.

 Just some of Dan's trim work 


I was inspired to adopt a minimalist lifestyle because I found myself bogged down by external stressors, Material things, and wanted to challenge myself. The van to me and the van life associated with that was a beacon of independence and frugality. I studied other builds and read blogs for about 8 months before I finally bought my van and did my build.

Looks to missing a PussFoot Sticker 

"I was inspired to adopt a minimalist lifestyle because I found myself bogged down by external stressors, Material things, and wanted to challenge myself."

Dan Quinn 

Home DropZone is Skydive San Diego. Right now I'm living in it going between Skydive San Diego, the beaches of Del Mar, Cardiff, Encinitas and the occasional trip out to Perris for a hot air balloon jump.



If You would like to learn more about Dan or follow him on some of his epic adventures. Make sure to follow him on  Instagram.


Instagram - @losbigotes 

Facebook - losbigotessandiego

Sweet Stache 



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