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My Gear

Last week I posted on Facebook asking to see your gear. Many people replied and many sent me messages telling me what they have, however so many wanted to know what I fly. If any of you would like to show of your gear please feel free to email me at PussfootOG@gmail.com and we will get it published.
When i first started skydiving I would've never thought I would of accumulate so much gear. Really, I have so much i sometimes feel overwhelmed with it all. Today I am just going to show you what works for me - what I have fallen in love with and use on the regular.

My Rig-

I currently fly a Mirage G4/M5- yes it's an M5 as I am a fat boy and still like my 210 and no one can convince me of anything else.

All Black and Neon Orange what else can I say other then its FIRE!  Why do I love Mirage, the fit is epic im always comfy and know that it will preform no matter what. If you ask me the Mirage system is the AK-47 of the rig world, it will work no matter what you do to it.  When ever i am at a DZ I come across G3’s and G4’s that are old and still flight worthy. You don't see that too often. When jumping I love to know that Mirage has my back, not to mention the TRAP ( MARD ) system is simply amazing.




Main -

Jump for the Rose Performance design Pulse 210 - neon Pink with the breast cancer ribbon to boot. Not only is this a great cause but the main is Neon Pink lets see it try to hide if its cut away




Reserve -

Performance Design - Optimum 190 - I love that low bulk fabric.





M2 easy to use and price point was perfect




Helmet -

I am a Cookie Boy ;-) from my G3/G4 to my Fuel what can I say they fit great the cost is on par and the fuel has so many cheap accessories I feel like you just can go wrong

My Fuel is set up with a single top plate ans audible plate




Alti -

I currently fly a viso digital and always have my Alti-2 ( the red one was my first piece of gear ever ---- the black one was used in the movie Kingsman !! )

I always have my optima-II-audible in whatever helmet i'm flying that day as well


The Black on is from the movie Kingsman 


Everyone have a system but I found what works for me and i'm sticking with it

Currently I jump two units one on my wrist and one on my helmet. Like I stated above I have a GrellFAB on my G3 this is always holding a Hero 5 and a hand mount for my session 5. I have not added a cam set up to my G4 to date.

I have a few sessions but I prefer the 5 only due to it USB-C charger. With the session 5 I am able to carry only one type of charger that will work on both the session and the hero 5.

Both the wrist mount and the GrellFAB can be bought from Chutingstar and a reasonable price.

FYI the wrist mount is my fav as I get all the pics of me -- im so vain lol.

Links Below:





Suits -

To be honest I have a bunch from TMO to BEV and RIP. I don't really like jumping in a suit.  I like to be ready to go at a moments notice, so I fell in love with swoop shorts thigh high socks and a jersey. Currently I am jumping RIP adrenaline swoop shorts and they hold up amazing. From jumping to the party the pockets are tops and the construction for me is sturdy.



So that's what im flying for now. Everything I listed above i have battle tested and would recommend to anyone reading this. However with this being said i also think you should find what's right for you. So get out and fly, and if you see me at you DZ please come say hi let’s get a Pic together!!!!

Blue Skies



  • Internet is you Friend.
    The TRAP is MARD (I think they made a video about MARDs)

    Antoine LAPORTE
  • Check it out here


    Brian Casserly
  • What is trap system?

    rick millward

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