DropZone of the Week: Adirondack Skydive

So, its October, and I can think of anywhere in the country I would rather jump then New York. No not the city, but upstate. Nowhere else in the country will you find the perfect vistas and views during the fall. From covered bridges with to multi-colored forests and that oh so welcoming smell of fireplaces and drying leaves. 


This week PussFoot presents, Adirondack Skydive Adventures


Name: Adirondack Skydive

Address: 10915 NY-149, Fort Ann, NY 12827

Aircraft: Cessna 182, and a R44 !!!!!!!

Phone Number: (518) 256-9900

Web Site: http://www.adirondackskydive.com/


Cessna $25

R44 $55 6k <-- Mhmm R44 *6 people min this way they can turn loads of three 

Pack Jobs: $5  *Be nice and tip your rigger

Packing Hanger




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  • $5 dollar pack jobs???? whaaaaat lol


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