DropZone of the Week: Skydive Lodi Parachute Center

This Week we are not headed south but instead West towards the sun. Skydive Lodi. Located in Acampo CA. Only 89 miles from San Francisco and open all year long (weather permitting). Hosting a well-appointed fleet and epic staff you are sure to turn loads even if it is bitter cold. Oh, and did I mention you get 13,000 feet for $15 and hop and pops all day for $5. So if you are on the west coast or just feel like taking a trip, need to stay current or are just looking to let go and have some fun, make sure to check out Skydive Lodi.


 Like No Other DropZone 

Name: Skydive Lodi Parachute Center

Address: 23597 CA-99, Acampo, CA 95220

Aircraft: 3 Super Otters Mhmmm drooling

Phone Number: (209) 208-5195

Web Site:  http://skydivelodiparachutecenter.com/

Prices: $15 13,000 feet / $5 hop and pop 



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