Does Adrenaline Lead to Shenanigans? The Scientific-ish Reasons Skydiving Boogies Are Fun

she·nan·i·gans (SHəˈnanəɡənz): silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.



Shenanigans is a word that can be used to describe some of the things you will witness & experience at your average (and not so average) boogie.   I mean shenanigans are pretty much critical to the spirit and joy of a boogie.    

So what about us as skydivers make us so prone to shenanigans?   Well managing the adrenaline rush of skydiving is likely key to answering that question.

#1 Burning Off Your Adrenalin Buzz

According to Pulk State University cardiovascular activity is key managing your adrenaline rush down.  

So its no wonder you see things like dancing, swimming, and just running around at a boogie.  I mean you got to burn off that adrenaline



#2 Too Much Is Never Enough!!!! Who Said We Were Junkies?!??

According to PsychologyToday you can be addicted to adrenaline. Given that, the best cure for your adrenaline crash is clearly more adrenaline.  It's why you see things mini bikes, zip lines, and slides at a boogie.   We want more and we want it now! (



 #3 Dopamine...God Bless Dopamine

According to Collier's in our pursuit of adrenaline we are conquering our fears and being rewarded which means dopamine.We who fly LOVE LOVE LOVE adrenalin but do you know what else we love?  Dopamine!   And in the pursuit of our race for adrenaline so we can trigger a dopamine release we want more dopamine.   That's why you see things like beer*, other stuff, and sexy times at a boogie.  It is us chasing dopamine release.  Good times!!!



Whatever you do this boogie season have fun doing.  Just remember that adrenaline is something to be managed so don't forget to participate in some of the shenanigans.  They are nothing but fun!

*Drinking and skydiving is a no no.   Just saying.  It is for after you are done getting on loads. 

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