Dean Ricci - Running for Office in 2020

------- Dean Ricci - The fucking pilot -------
Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you know Dean Ricci - better know as "The Fucking Pilot of Lunatic Fringe". From his podcast to his colorful articles in Blue Skies Magazine, Dean has created a true family across the globe. listing to his podcast you begin to feel as if you were in the bathroom with every guest - you truly feel as if you know them. 
Today I am proud to bring you my friend Dean Ricci. I hope you enjoy getting inside the man who's been inside so many others. I have add links to the Podcast below.


I'll Drink to that , dont know what it is but im in 


Tell me who you are.

Well, I guess I’m The Fuckin’ Pilot, aka Princess

What do you do for work?  

Well I’m a Professional Jump Pilot, Writer and Pod caster


Tight undies -- a man after my own heart


How did you become interested in skydiving? When did you start?

I saw a television show as a kid called “That’s Incredible” where Ii watched a segment on the wind tunnel in Las Vegas.  When I moved there, they happened to be throwing the grand re-opening of Flyaway and I was compelled to go!  One flight, with an instructor named Rob who told me I was a “Natural” and should jump, and the idea was born.  That was in 1996.

Cats or Dogs?

Dogs for me. Specifically Diego. That dog was better known than I was.

What is your most memorable moment as a skydiver?

Shit… Just one? I mean hell!  There was the time I shit myself on a hard opening. Or the time I shit myself in the plane. Or the time that poor little Japanese guy puked cause Weasel and I shit ourselves on the ride up…  Taking a naked porn star on a tandem sticks out some as well I suppose...


Smells like success on this one 


What made you become a diver driver? 

I started flying when I was 16, but being just about as smart as the average 16 year old, I had no idea just how lucky I was, and promptly did fuck all with it. I didn’t start flying again until I was jumping for Skydive Crosskeys and needed a break from the parties, so I climbed into a plane again.  Next thing I knew I had my commercial license, and just like jumping, if I wanted to keep doing it, I had to find a way to make it pay!

How do you know when a pilot is in the room 

What is your favorite part of the skydiver life? 

The community, no doubt.  I love how dramatically different so many of us are, all with one insanely common passion that keeps us coming back for more.  I love the crazy fuckers out there in our world, and that somehow I’m lucky enough to be one of them.

Free Fall Adventures 

What is your least favorite part of the lifestyle?

Well if you’d asked me 20 years ago I would have said the “Feast or Famine” life, but now…  It’s that every mother fucking injury I’ve ever had hurts worse now than when I fucking screwed myself back then! This aging shit sucks!

Everybody hurts -- Sometimes

Tell us about a day in your life

Sleep, piss (only one eye open so I don’t wake up too much), sleep a bit more, piss...  Then its “Fucking Ouch!” for about an hour before I’m out the door and on my way to the hanger.  Pre-flight the greatest jump ship ever, the Twin Otter, fly my friends till they stop getting in the plane, then, gym, food, wine, probably a wank and repeat!

Ohhhhh Yeah

Tell me about your podcast.

It’s a bonfire chat! It started as an idea to promote the book I’d just published, and quickly became its own thing. I get the chance to sit down and talk to some of the most epic people ever involved in skydiving, famous and not. Because of this podcast, some of my hero’s have become my friends.  I get to get a fair amount of them fucking drunk, hear all about the good and the bad, and really get to dive head first into the best part of the sport, which is the people involved.


Check out links below


Where do you want to see the podcast in say 2 years?

2 years?  Well, truth be told, I didn’t think Lunatic Fringe Into the Void (shameless plug) would continue on as long as it already has! Blue Skies has been awesome with helping me get the most amazing people on, so if I’m lucky enough to still be going strong in 2 years, I hope I’m still getting awesome jumpers drunk and telling me all about epic shit!  The things people tell you when they forget a few thousand people are listening in!

You Happen to ever wear women's underwear?

Retired stripper my man.  I’ve got my Th-Th-Thong on right now!  I save the bra and thigh highs for special occasions though. Just makes me feel sexy...

I feel like dancing

Do You travel often?

As often as i possibly can!  Just got back from an epic trip to Nepal and Everest Base Camp. Lots of trips to Bali.  Safari in Africa through South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Then I was lucky enough to get to fly a Twin Otter from the middle east through Saudi with some time in Greece, and then into Switzerland, and even luckier to reverse it and add a stop to see the pyramids of Giza.


Headed to Base Camp - Everest 2019


What's next for you and your adventures?

Well, before the virus I was going to head back to Nepal, cause that place is fucking EPIC! I’d still like to give that another go.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

Breathing, preferably naked on a beach.


send it 


What was your favorite boogie and why?

Oh well…  Pretty much every boogie I “attended” was also one I was working at, so I don’t really have a favorite.  I was more of a workhorse really!

Do you like cupcakes and if so why?

Depends on who they’re rubbed on.

What is the craziest thing you have done at a boogie?

Fly for 14 fucking hours straight while everyone else jumped, drank, got high and fucked.

Never mind a boogie, what's the craziest thing you've ever just done?

I once had to strip down to a purple thong and deliver a happy birthday in the middle of a very busy mall food court on a Saturday afternoon for someone’s Grandma, but that was for work, so it doesn’t count. So I guess…  Quit my airline job to go back to being a jump pilot the same week that I got my upgrade assignment as Captain, cause fuck doing whats expected!


I love a PAC


Do you have any advice for a new skydiver?

Jump motha fuck jump motha fucka jump!  Listen to people that have been around for a long time that don’t walk too crooked. Don’t listen to people in casts while they’re medicated. Do yoga! Stay for beers after last load cause you’ll learn a shit load. No, it’s not just paper, but eat it anyway. Jump SOBER, party fucked up. Get laid, have fun, be responsible when its about safety, be stupid when its about fun. Learn the “secret of the pea pit” from that special someone. Never bitch about a bad opening to your packer. Be a packer at least once. Fuck with manifest at your perile. Just don’t fuck with manifest. Don’t wear your jumpsuit all day, or gloves or… Wear it when you jump cause nobody on the ground is impressed with your gear. Smile. Oh, and jump motha fuck jump motha fucka jump!


We need to bring this shit back 


Do you have any advice for anyone looking to progress in this sport?  

Watch, listen and learn. Be humble. Embrace sucking at something. Enjoy not knowing. Get out of your comfort zone. If you’re the best at your DZ at something, stop doing that something for a while and start learning something new.

If you were a drink what would you be and why?

I use to be a “Slow comfortable screw”, but now I think I’m more of a “Gin Fizz”


So regal


Do you prefer the number 21 or 44?

There’s only one number and that's 42. 

 Correct Dean 

After a few of them drinks, how would you feel if I whispered “cream pie” in your ear 

I’d say “actions not words fucker.”


That gave me goosebumps


 Thank you Dean for taking some time to do this with me. It was nice to hear more about you and your life. Looking forward to talking again and one day grabbing a cocktail maybe even some jumps.

Until then stay safe, keep on keeping on and Blue Skies

Could you imagine all the pics that would come out if you really ran for office!

 The Podcast


With yours truly:


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  • Awe Puss… that was fun! Love your work!! And that’s not tighty undies in that pic my man… I’m draggin’ scrote across Doug’s Otter and covering my junk with a knee board. He use to get mad at me for flying in a tank top cause I’d “sweat” on his seat, so… Yeah, cheese mother fucker!

  • He’s the best and a hottie too

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    religion teacher lol

  • DUDE he has the best podcast ever
    i listen to it every week
    back in the can


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