Calling all Women- Womens Skydiving Leadership Network coming to a DZ near you !!!

When we at PussFoot caught wind of the WSLN ( Womens Skydiving Leadership Network ) holding Tandem training for women across the country, It was a no brainer that we needed to share this informations with the masses.  As a father to a little shredder and future sky goddess I am super stoked knowing that there are groups that exist in order to empower women in this sport. However when I polled many female friends of mine over the last ten days, they had no idea about such programs and groups. Please make sure to share this post with all of your friends, you never know who you may inspire.  

Video Below 

The WSLN believes that having more women in instructional positions across the country will play an important role in retaining more female jumpers.  We also want to help women earn their ratings and achieve their professional skydiving goals. Therefore, in 2018 we are offering partial and full scholarships to women seeking their USPA Coach and Tandem ratings!


Several partial and full scholarships are available for each course you see listed below.  

Courses offered:
June 21-25, Skydive Chicago
July 13-17, Skydive Perris
August 9-13, Skydive Paraclete XP
August 23-27, Sky's the Limit
Aug 30-Sept 1, Florida, TBD
​September 20-24, Texas, TBD
Sept 27-Oct 1, Skydive Perris


For info contact


Please Make sure to get the info out to your friends 

Blue Skies !!!!

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