Brandon Radcliff running for USPA National Director

Unless you have been under a rock or just do not have social media, you know that the USPA is holding a speical election for the new National director seat that has opened up. The elections will be held this November 2nd-30th
You should receive an email to your registered acct once voting is about to begin and I am pleading with you to make your voice heard. This election is crutical for our community and we need you to get involved.
With that said, I would like to intrduce you to Brandon Radcliff. Brandon is not only a super rad human, but a voice for all skydivers experienced and new alike. You can find Brandon most days lending a helpful hand or dispursing some good advice at Spaceland Clewistion
I have had the pleasure of working with Brandon on several occasions and would love you to consider him when it comes time for you to vote for our new National director.
Remember this postition is 100 percent volunteer. 

Brandon Radcliff for USPA National Director.

With more than eleven years of experience as a licensed skydiver, I have been a tireless advocate for safety within the skydiving community. As the organizer and leader of Skydive Spaceland Florida's Safety Day for the past six years, I've helped establish a community of safety, personal accountability, and mentorship that has helped a safe skydiving culture grow in South Florida.
If I become a National Director, I will advocate for the interests of professional jumpers as well as hobbyists to keep the sport safe and accessible for all. I take the concerns of the skydiving community very seriously.

To continue the innovation and advancement of our beloved sport, teamwork between the USPA and skydivers nationally and globally is required. I look forward to being that bridge for the betterment of all of us.
At least he keeps good company ( Jo lol )
First jump.  May 9th 2009

Tandem, AFFI, Coach, Coach Examiner, Pro
 Always smiling
Other Cool Stuff
12 hour FF 5939
1000 jump wings 7720

Regional Achievement award 2018
Lead mentor for Spaceland Clewiston.
 Hey he looks the part 
Outside of skydiving
Chairman of the board for the Panther Athletic  Booster Club.
(Our local Highschool.) 12 years.
Started as Treasure. Won election for President, then election for COB
A man after my own heart -- waite thats not a kawasaki
Currently production manager for the 2nd largest Boat Lift manufacturer in Florida.
Also own Grip Turf. A marine decking and tool foam Bussiness, as well as

Married 29 years
Four children
 Proud Dad and Husband 
Home town.
Jupiter, Florida.
If you think Brandon would make a good addition to the board please make sure to give him a vote this November. 
Blue Skies 
 Smile, Life is amazing 

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