Boogie Season: Your 2017 Boogie Guide - Turkey Boogie / GGBY

This week's pick for boogie to attend is one of the most epic events of all time:  the Turkey Boogie which coincides with the slackline event GGBY.   What does GGBY stand for well its Gobble Gobble Bitches Yeah.   If you are looking for a great event around Thanksgiving and happen to enjoy B.A.S.E. and then this event is not to be missed.   Here are three reasons why:

1) The Location I mean it's in the MOAB and that place is dreamy

GGBY Turkey Boogie MOAB

2) The Space Net I mean can you even imagine a cooler creation?

GGBY Turkey Boogie Moab Space Net

3) The Party I mean the fun that is had is epic

Turkey Boogie GGBY Party

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