Boogie Season: Your 2017 Boogie Guide - The Big O

The Big O: Out of This World
This year one of our top picks for the boogie season is "Out of This World: The Big O Boogie" by Skydive Orange.   Here are our top 4 reasons on why "Out of This World" will indeed be the BIG Ooooo:
#1 Onsies Action: With a name like "Out of This World" the onsies game will be dreamy
#2: The Theme: I meannnnn its Out of This World: What an epic name for an adventure!
#3: The Alt-Sky: It's time to show Virginia a degenerate group of folks can invade their hometowns & wreak havoc without sucking.   Let's bring our love to Virginia!
#4 The Organizers: Tis the season of shred!  Look at the list of organizers!!!!
Lawrence De Laubadere
Katie Hansen
Matthew Fry
Sam Smith
Jason Johnson McLovinn
Dave Rhea
Jay Veenendaal
Doug Barron
Andrew Happick
Sandy Grillet
Christine Bruchac
Dan Wilson
Taya Weiss
Scott Callentine
For more information on the Big O Boogie check out Skydive Oranges page here

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