Boogie Season: Your 2017 Boogie Guide - T.S.K. / Fly Easy

"What do we want?? T.S.K.! When do we want it? Now!!!!!"  There is possibly no other boogie on earth that has the culture & style of the T.S.K. / Fly Easy Boogie at Skydive the Ranch.  If you have never been to a T.S.K. boogie you better get your butt there as it is pretty much the time of your life.   So whats so great about it?

#1 The Uniforms! I mean it's orange underwear

TSK skydiving team uniform

#2 Every One of Your Senses Will Be Titillated I mean look at all the pretty visuals

visual effects from the TSK skydiving boogie

fireworks from the TSK skydiving boogie

#3 The Parties I mean they have a foam pit

 TSK skydiving boogie foam pit

#4 The Mystery Slide I mean you can wash off the foam in the swoop pond

TSK skydiving boogie mystery slide

#5 The Music and Dancing I mean you got to shake that booty in your uniform

TSK skydiving boogie music and dancing

#6 The Whips I mean there are mini bikes and go karts GAAAALORE

TSK skydiving boogie go kart

And finally the most important of reasons!!!

#7 The People I mean aren't you looking at these pics??  Smiles for dayyyyyyys

TSK skydiving team smiles


We hear this year is supposed to be even more ridiculous but check out this video to get a taste of the fun to be had.  If you come on down just be ready for some group hugs are they are plentiful amongst TSK members.  Check out their registration page and team PussFoot will see you there

TSK / FLY EASY BOOGIE @ Skydive the Ranch from Jason Ebelheiser on Vimeo.



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