Boogie Season: Your 2017 Boogie Guide - Lost Prairie Boogie

The epicenter of fun on any given weekend during the season is going to be a skydiving boogie.   I mean these events combine sky fun with party fun in a way you can't explain and can only experience.   If you have never been to a boogie you should go but read up on them first as they are quite the adventures.  

This year the staff at PussFoot has had the privilege to attending a few and we are busy filling our calendars with more boogie fun as we plan out the rest of the season.   

In an effort to help you in your own boogie planning we decided to share what we think are the boogies to attend the rest of the season.  We will putting up a new boogie every week until mid September and we are happy to introduce you to the firts one in the series: Meadow Peak Skydiving's 50th Annual Lost Prairie Boogie

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think boogie is not one to miss:

#1 LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION: I mean it's Montana.   It's Gorgeous!

#2 NAKED FUN: I mean half the pics we see got naked folk in it

#3 MOOSE, RIVERS, MOUNTAINS OH MY: I mean dang this looks friggin fun


#4 LIMITED CELL RECEPTION: I mean who the hell wants a call from the boss?

#5 THEIR FAQ HAS THEIR PRIORITIES RIGHT: I mean condoms and floaty things!

If you are available August 5th - 13th and are in the mood for a whole lot of fun then the 50th Annual Lost Meadow Boogie is for you.   


Boogie Boogie Blue Skies

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