Blue Skies the Documentary - Trailer part 2

Recently we caught wind of a project in the works that deals with modern skydiving and the challenges that follow the sport. Talking with Co-Producer Matt Farina, we could see his creative nature shining through and felt that we needed to share with our community.

See Link Below for a chance to help support this film by entering a raffle for some pretty cool gear!!!!

Coming summer 2018.

Matt Farina:

Blue Skies  a modern skydiving documentary. It will take you on an informative journey through the various disciplines within the sport and it's offshoots such as BASE jumping and tunnel flying. This film was made possible by members of the community coming together to highlight the sport throughout the world.


Blue Skies Trailer Part 2: 


Link to Part 1



Not quite the PD gear raffle but still pretty good! 

What you are supporting. A skydiving documentary coming summer 2018. The intent of the full length film is to show people what modern skydiving is and what it means to the skydiving community. The film will also bring awareness to issues facing the sport such as the privatization of the FAA's Air Traffic Control service. It will show skydiving in a positive light as opposed to what the public often sees in the media. I hope that this will encourage skydivers to advocate for the sport, as well as inspire viewers to try it. We plan to submit the project to major film festivals like the Telluride Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, as well as several smaller festivals. The trailer can be seen on the project homepage here: 

By purchasing a ticked you help with some of the production costs such as music rights (about $750 per song) and outside graphic design. 

750 total tickets at $20 apiece. You can buy as many as you want. You can purchase tickets here: Transactions processed by Paypal. Raffle ends 4/1/2018

What you can win. 

50% off Wings base container  
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$100 Chuting Star Points  
$25 Paragear Certificate

50% off Wings base container 
$50 PD gift Certificate

50% off Wings base container 
$25 Paragear Certificate

50% off Wings base container 

All the winners get swag and everyone that enters will get a digital cover of the film sent to the email address they provide.

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