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HI Shauna,

I am new to the game and wanted to know how you felt about altimeters. I have friends telling me i should have an analog and some saying i should go digital. also do you think I would be ok with one or should I have two.

Thank You



Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for writing in with your question.  As an Instructor, I want my students to have a solid foundation in their routine when it comes to being altitude aware.  That being said, I also remember how frustrating it was as a student trying to read my analog altimeter in the pattern because of the extremely small lines and near nonexistent number on the dial.  When I purchased my first digital altimeter and was making the transition to it, I was nervous!  The screen was smaller and obviously digital and it was just different. 

 Large face on Analog 

Here’s what I suggest: Get the digital altimeter but also wear the analog with it until you’re comfortable using just one of them.  I did this a few times until I was comfortable reading the digital and weaned myself off the double altimeters to just the one.  Worked like a charm!  Some DZ’s are evening doing this throughout their student programs with positive results.

Please keep this in mind though; digital altimeters operate solely on batteries. Batteries can die at the most inconvenient times.  Always make sure that your batteries are fresh and/or fully charged should choose an altimeter with a charging option.  Analog altimeters don’t need batteries therefore that’s not a concern.  While there are pros and cons for each type, you need to make the best decision for you as a jumper. Also, make sure you check out all the features the digital altimeters offer! Logbooks, odometers for jumps, freefall speeds and more! I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of skydivers willing to show you how to use it.

Blue Skies!



Thank you Chris for submitting your question and as always thank you Shauna for providing some good advice.
Blue Skies!!!

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  • Hi all, me and a friend went out holding onto each other and head down. My Larsen and Brusgaard (L&B) “Altitrack” digital altimeter with a analog face said 195 mph max speed. Next jump we did same again and both thought faster but it again said 195mph. I tried to call around to L & B and others with no luck in finding the max speed on this altimeter can you help me with that. Also there’s nothing in the manual.

    Greg Lance

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