Altitude Awareness - Did You See That Shed ??

You just had an amazing skydive and you are prepping to land. You have jumped at this DZ several times before with no issue. You know the location and you begin to set your pattern just like you have done time and time again. Everything looks to be going as planned, until you are about to turn onto final and realize you have no altitude. The Video below shows just why altitude awareness is beyond important. Please keep all negative comments to yourself. Our Videos are for educational purposes, we hope that one jumper's misfortune can help to keep you safe on your next jump. 


The Video below shows a well-traveled skydiver, experiencing a very nasty landing. He was injured and spent some time in a hospital. It is important that you are mindful of your altitude, winds and potential hazards. Before any skydive, it is crucial that you note all the environmental factors that will affect your entire jump from beginning to end. Treat every skydive as your first and do not become complacent!

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Blue Skies!!!!


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