Airspace Charleroi: The Tunnel Rats Guide to the Global Indoor Skydiving Scene

In 2017, I left everything I had in the US and decided to travel the world to advance my skydiving career.   What drove that decision was the realization of how many scenes, outside of my own, existed and could help me continue to grow my career/advance my skills.  

It is because of this that I have decided to build a monthly guide to the amazing, and foreign scenes that exist around the world through The "Tunnel Rats" Guide to the Global Indoor Skydiving Scene

In this article, we profile Airspace Charleroi

Belgium, 40 mins South of Brussels.

The tunnel is literally across the street from the Charleroi Airport or sometimes called South Brussels Airport. Though it's usually cheaper to fly into Brussels North and take a bus or rent a car, you can sometimes find some good deals to Charleroi if you have a connecting flight somewhere in Europe.

Airspace is also located very close to a few other tunnels making it essential for anyone looking to do a tunnel tour of the area, but if you’re just looking for one tunnel there would be no reason to go anywhere else.

The Tunnel
The tunnel at Airspace is beautiful. Its a recirculating 14ft ISG (Indoor Skydiving Germany) with 12 sided glass and 50 ft high with a max wind speed of 180mph. This baby is a Ferrari, its fast, clean and beautiful to look at.

Airspace Charleroi Wind Tunnel Indoor Skydiving

Tunnel Design

They have awesome pro flyer prices and events that cater to skydivers on the regular.

1 hour coached is approx 700euro and bulk times even cheaper

In-house coaching provided by world record holders, competitors and world champion skydivers

Baptise Welsch
Matt Hill
Fredrick Poulin
Troy Rodway
Bill Schmitz
Dustin Martlatt

Food and Accommodation
Hotels in the area start at around 60euro per night but with Brussels only a quick drive away it would definitely be worth it rent a car and stay in Brussels for a night or two.

Airspace has its own cafe offering pretty much everything you could want. Coffee, soups, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, daily specials and some of the best beer that Belgium has to offer. Meals range from 3-12 Euros on the average in Belgium. Need I mention waffles and frites!?! Oh and of course beer -- did I mention beer?

Airspace Charleroi bar Indoor Skydiving
The Bar

The Facility
The layout lends itself nicely to camps and competitions offering a warm and chill environment for people looking to train or just come for the first time. They also have a proflyer loft with computers for video playback, big comfy sofas/beanbags for lounging and showers for those that may need one.

The Best of the Best
To be perfectly honest Belgium isn’t the first place I would consider for a vacation, but I came for the first time in the winter and despite the overcast, cold and gloomy disposition of the country I keep coming back. For me, Airspace is one of those legendary tunnels. It has everything you need to have fun, be comfortable and learn as much as possible. With mega shredder coaches/instructors, you can’t possibly go wrong with a camp or vacation there. I highly recommend Airspace for anyone looking to check out a beautiful tunnel and fly with some of the greats!

See you in the wind.

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