A love note: By Liz Kimber

Over the last few weeks I have seen some amazing posts regarding the holidays. The  amount of caring and love that skydived possess in our daily lives seams to bloom during the holiday season. One post that caught me eye, is about a jumper named Tim Uhl who took his time to create a gift for the girl (Liz) that he is madly in love with.  Creating a piece of art showing someone just how much you love them in my eyes is priceless.  

Happy Holidays all !!!!


Liz Kimber:

Men and woman court one another is many different ways. From love notes, to flowers, a night on the town. Timothy Uhl stole my heart with the hard work and dedication it took to build my very own nightlight. He crafted a skydiver under parachute. Made from aluminum, brass, and steal, Tim put together a moving parachutist. With his profound skills in wiring, he was able to illuminate the skydiver with L.E.Ds. A wheel and crank turns the skydiver around the blue, white, green, and red lights. And to put the icing on the cake my name, Elizabeth Kimber, was engraved on top of the canopy. So every night my heart flutters as my night light shines with love and lights my way around our warm home. I love you is an understatement Tim. Forever and then some sir.


If you are interested in something custom along these lines please feel free to reach out to    Tim Uhl on Facebook  @ https://www.facebook.com/dirt.uhl?ref=br_rs

Blue Skies !! 



  • The creativity you have is incredible. I’m impressed, you have a great imagination. If you don’t get bombarded with orders for your night lamp I’ll be amazed. It’s refreshing to see someone giving a gift hand made and designed with love totally from the ? heart. It’s a beautiful thing. Tim, I believe I love you too ?❌⭕ I’m so happy you are in Lizzy’s life. God Bless You Both!!

    Karen Belle Conklin
  • I love your love ❤️


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