24 People With Spinal Cord Injuries Go Indoor Skydiving

We have always been amazed at what humans are capable of -- I mean just being able to teach ourselves to fly is such a gift.  But sharing that gift is what makes the sky family such an important and amazing culture.  We all learned from someone, none of this we learned on our own.   Well this past week that idea of sharing the gift of flight took a simply amazing form. 

The Determined2Heal organization partnered with iFlyVABeach recently to help 24 individuals with spinal cord injuries learn & experience the gift of flight.   

Determined2Heal seems like a great organization.  Their mission reads as "We provide information and advice for people with spinal cord injuries, their families, and friends, as well as rehabilitative adventures."

They worked with iFlyVABeach to create an "ALL ABILITIES" event on August 12th.   Experiencing one of these injuries and how it changes your life must be a very large mountain to climb physically & mentally.   Having the opportunity to see how with your injuring you are still able to fly had to be a great experience.   I mean look at some of the smiles:

Congratulations to all 24 people that participated and welcome to the sky family.  We have a chant that we use whenever we are celebrating someone's achievements in the sport and it goes a little like this: 


HIM (her)

HIM (her)

FUCK HIM (her)


Well on that note to all of the participating members allow us at PussFoot to proudly sing you that chant!   Keep flying and any / all of us would be honored to fly wit' ya. 


Images From of iFLYVABeach

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