William Estes (U.S. Air Force) Freedom Flyer Bio

William Estes
U.S. Air Force 

Name: William Estes

Branch of Military: U.S Air Force 

Status: Veteran

Years in Service: 20

Deployments:  I served in a relative time of peace

Skydives: 2000+ --- I started at Seneca Falls, NY 5 static lines and about 50 free-falls, joined the Air Force stationed at MacDill AFB, Tampa Florida. Jumped at Z-Hills, Bradenton, Deland and Pilot country Estates, jumped for the Arch Deal/ Budweiser Demo team. PCS’d to Kunsan, ROK, jumping with the US Forces parachuting team based ay Pyongtec PCS’d to Edwards AFB, California, jumping mostly at California City, some jumps at Perris, Elsinore and Lodi. I got into tandem jumping and AFF there. Back to Korea. Then Finishing at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, jumping with the Snake River club. Retired from jumping there. My last jump was made at “The Ranch” in 2013 when I jumped with both of my kids, Bryon had around 50 and I made 2 jumps with him and my daughter made a tandem that I docked on her arm.

 Docking with my daughter 

BASE: 40 ---/ I have about 40 BASE jumps. 2 at North Fork of the American River bridge, 2 650’ antenna, 4 at Bridge day 1988, 1 from the 19th floor of a building and 30 from the Burro Creek bridge in Arizona.

Home DZ: Due to my military moves, I have no “Home” DZ.

Fun Fact: I’m naked beneath my clothes...
 The Ranch with the Family
Favorite jump: a couple. 1980 Night demo for Budweiser into Busch stadium St. louis. Night CRW rotation jump. Jumping with my daughter. (her first and only, my last)
Favorite plane: An Otter of course.
Favorite Drink: I am an Iced Tea guy, bought a Lot of beer at the DZ, but never was a drinker.
More Fun Facts: I started hang gliding in 1974 at 15 years old, I build my first glider for $24. Wooden handrail molding and 8 mil plastic duct taped on. I was not able to hang glide while in the service, but I remained skydiving. When I retired, I returned to Hang gliding in 1996. Started aero towing in 1997. Became a tug pilot in 2004. Over 1200 hours of towing under my belt now.
 8 Mil plastic 
Bill and His Son standing by the tug 

Thank You Bill for your service and dedication to this country! Hope to go gliding with you again soon. Until then keep up the epic work and stay safe.

Blue Skies!

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  • You forgot a few jumps in Parkman Ohio with a former student of yours. ❤️

    Lawrence Charles Wereb

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