Military skydive couple Melody & Eddie - "MelEddie" ( U.S Army & USMC )

Melody & Eddie

Name: Melody Abshier

Years of service: 5 years: US ARMY 1-501st AVN Attack 1st Armored Division.

Number of deployments: 1 long ass 16 month deployment in Iraq OIF/OEF 2003-2004.

Number of skydives: 90

Ratings: B License

Home dz: Skydive Cross Keys baby!!

Fun fact: I was disappeared by David Copperfield in a magic show in Vegas.

Fav drink: Jungle juice

Fav plane: Skyvan

Fav jump: My favorite jump will be my 100th jump, it's going to involve bananas in free fall, details to follow


Name: Eddie Figueroa

Years in service: 4 years, USMC

Never deployed but stationed at Camp Foster, Okinawa..Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii and Camp Pendleton, CA

Number of skydives: 525 logged skydives and counting

Ratings: D license and coach rating

Home dz: Skydive Cross Keys, baby!

Fun fact: I've always to do a skydive and everyone knew this but never had the push to do it.. UNTIL.. My mother decided to treat my brother AND sister to a tandem skydive at cross keys without including me and i was like "WTF mom!". Haha!..  That was my push. So I took it upon myself to finally go and on July 24, 2011, I took my first plunge and haven't looked back since

Favorite drink: Any IPA will do

Favorite plane: Love the super caravan

Favorite jump or boogie: Call me crazy but I love the vibe at CK's Freezefest and I have no problem jumping in sub zero temps



Cross Keys  




Thank You Melody & Eddie for your service and dedication to this country! Hope to get some fun jumps in together at Cross Keys this season. Until then keep up the epic work and stay safe.
I can wait to get some dodge ball in at Freezefest this year, just saying
Blue Skies !

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