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Michael Wadkins
U.S Army 



Name: Michael Wadkins

Branch of Military: US Army - Military Police

Status: Retired

Years of Service: 20

Number of Deployments: 2 Panama (Just Cause)

Skydives: 14,000 plus

Ratings: AFF IE, TANDEM IE, IAD IE, SL IE, COACH E, and PRO USPA Regional Director and Safety and Training Chairman

Home DZ: Skydive Midwest, WI


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skydivemidwest/

Fun Fact: I really enjoy what I do as and IE….

Fav Boogie: Everglades Boogie, Clewiston FL

Fav Drink: 100 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet

More Epic stuff about Michael

Web: https://xcelskydiving.com

Owner of Xcelskydiving: We have a highly qualified team of Examiners that will to any DZ throughout the U.S. or abroad offering teaching instructor certification courses. We offer training in all the USPA Instructional Ratings Courses from AFF courses, AFF pre-courses, Static Line courses, IAD courses, Tandem Instructor courses (UPT - SIGMA/Vector & Strong Enterprises), re-currency for expired ratings and Coach courses. We are professionals driven by a passion for teaching and a deep love for the sport of Skydiving. Check us out at www.xcelskydiving.com


Oh Yeahhhh !


Thank You Michael for your service and dedication to this country! Hope to get some jumps in together one of these days, Make sure to come to Alien Octopus invasion at Spaceland Florida November 2020, So we can jump together. Until then keep up the epic work and stay safe.
Blue Skies!

Here at PussFoot we appreciate members of the armed forces. Many members of the skydive community are either active service members or veterans and we thought it would be great to honor them here on our page. We will be bringing you a bio every week of our featured "Freedom Flyers" with hopes that you learn something new and share in our appreciation of what these people do for our country.


If you are a military skydiver or know someone you feel should be featured on our wall Please Email our team @ Pussfootog@gmail.com

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  • After a 30 year layoff I was fortunate enough to come back to the sport and take a coaches course with Michael Wadkins. Quite a remarkable individual. Since then I re-took an AFFI course (My last one being in 1982. my last one being in 1982. In addition i took a demonstration course from him. He has always encouraged me to keep getting better at our sport. He has always encouraged me to keep getting better at our sport. Not only is he a great teacher but he teaches a instructor how to get the most out of their students. In addition he stays in contact with his local DZand he has awarded me my 1000 jump wings, my 12 hour freefall pin and my 24 hour freefall pin. Being X military myself I can appreciate his 20 years of service to his country and he has carried this into our Skydive in community. USPA and all US based Skydiver’s are quite lucky to have Michael on their staff to make sure we continue to improve our skydiving and our safety skills. Thanks Michael Wadkins.

    Ray Medley
  • Aside from being a great skydiver, Michael Wadkins is also an upstanding individual committed to the pursuit of knowledge in our sport and the sharing of that knowledge with every skydiver he comes in contact with. USPA could not ask for a better ambassador and I’m proud to call him my friend, my brother.

    Gary Fletcher
  • Hell Yeah. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mike on a few occasions. Super cool guy with a wealth of knowledge.
    Congrats on being chosen to be military skydiver of the week


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