Kristin Little ( Army ) Skydive

Kristin Little
US Army

Name: Kristin Little

Branch of Military: US Army

Status: Veteran

Years in Service: 3 years

Deployments: 1

Discipline: Skydive

Skydives: 128

Fun Fact: Dancing has been scientifically proven to make you healthier and smarter.



Thank You Kristin for your service and dedication to this country!. Hope we get to jump together again before solstice boogie 2018! Until then stay safe and Blue Skies.




Here at Pussfoot we appreciate members of the armed forces. Many members of the skydive community are either active service members or veterans and we thought it would be great to honor them here on our page. We will be bringing you a bio every week of our featured "Freedom Flyers" with hopes that you learn something new and share in our appreciation of what these people do for our country.


If you are a military skydiver or know someone you feel should be featured on our wall  Please Email our team @

Thank You




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