CPT Thomas “Doc" Crump (U.S Army) Freedom Flyer Bio - Military Skydiver

CPT Thomas “Doc" Crump

Name: CPT Thomas “Doc" Crump

Branch of Military: U.S. Army, Aerial Delivery Officer/Rigger Detachment Commander

Status: Active

Years in Service: 24 Years and counting

Deployments: Iraq, Kuwait, and a special assignment to Egypt

Skydives: 3700+

Home DZ:  The World is My Dropzone! , but I am very partial to The Jumping Place, SD Deland, SDLA, Skydive Shenandoah, SD Spaceland, and a huge shoutout to SD Palatka.

Fun Fact:  I enjoy performing parachute demonstrations for Veterans, Wounded Warriors, schools, and military events with the Special Forces Association Parachute Team, Team Parapoke, and Team GCX. I also rig, pack, and test jump parachutes and equipment.

Other Fun Facts:


Fav Jump -  My favorite jump was finally getting to skydive with Joey MF Cernich. He and I have served over two decades each, and worked together in the 507th PIR (Airborne School) and 509th PIB (Geronino). Airborne Everyday, Rigger For Life!

Fav Drink:   Mountain Dew (MTN DEW) and lots of it.

Thank You Thomas for your service and dedication to this country! Hope to get some jumps in together anywhere this season. Until then keep up the epic work and stay safe.

Blue Skies!



Here at Pussfoot we appreciate members of the armed forces. Many members of the skydive community are either active service members or veterans and we thought it would be great to honor them here on our page. We will be bringing you a bio every week of our featured "Freedom Flyers" with hopes that you learn something new and share in our appreciation of what these people do for our country.


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  • Doc I thank you for your love of the game, let me know if I can do a Rigger check for you !!

    Mike Lisle

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