Brandon Needham (USMC) Freedom Flyer Bio - Military Skydiver

Brandon Needham

Name: Brandon Needham

Branch of Military: USMC

Status: Veteran

Years in Service: 4

Deployments: 3


Skydives: 157

Home DZ: Sky's The Limit

Fun Fact: One day I woke up and was drinking coffee in my kitchen. I decided I wanted to go skydiving. I called up the local DZ and 2 days later I graduated AFF, and have been jumping ever since.

Thank You Brandon for your service and dedication to this country! Hope to get some jumps in together next season. Until then keep up the epic work and stay safe.

Blue Skies!

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Thank You


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  • as a vetern myself .thank u for ur serves. hope to catch a few jumps with u some day.

    noel kavanagh

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