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You have decided to travel to a new drop zone. Getting your gear there does not have to be a scary endeavor. Just remember to allow yourself a tad more time at the airport. YOU ARE ALLOWED to carry it on as a piece of your luggage. And you do have rights when it come to your rig being searched. Below you will find some useful links to help you get through security and any other obstacles you might uncover along the way.


Let the TSA do their job! You getting all nervous and fidgety will only make the agent feel as if you are hiding something. Rather than getting upset try to be informative. My last trip through NY was smooth as molasses because I had the correct document’s and my x-ray card. Trust me yelling will get you nowhere, lets keep Friday Freakouts on your YouTube account.



I was just informed by a TSA agent that if your rig swabs dirty ( meaning for explosives )

That they will require your Main and Reserve to be unpacked :-(.

however he did give me tips to keep this from happening.

* Do not wash your hands and touch your rig prior to flight.

* Do not use hand sanitizer and then touch your rig prior to flight

Both soap and hand sanitizer contain glycerin and corrupt your results. 

*If for some reason you come up dirty ask the agent nicely to re calibrate the unit and try with a fresh swap!



TSA Links:
Print this one and keep on your person when you are processed at security.



X-Ray Cards
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Credits: Brian Casserly


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