Skydive Phoenix / Arizona's friendliest dropzone!

Recently Pussfoot came across a gem of a drop zone nestled in the middle of the desert in Maricopa Arizona. This unique drop zone is one that I will forever call home.  Skydive Phoenix, is a smaller sized drop zone located just south of Phoenix AZ. I suggest you give it a chance as you may also call it home. The staff is amazing from manifest to Marc the owner. There is a high volume of talented military skydivers that also call Skydive Phoenix their home. I was so impressed with the tandem staff that I even had a family member take their first jump here.  If you are going to be within driving distance of this drop zone or if you are planning a trip to the south west, Skydive Phoenix is a must. Aside from the family feel, you will be treated to some of the most pristine views of Downtown Phoenix during your skydive.  When you arrive at the drop zone make sure to tell then Brian Casserly says hi!
Drop Zone: Skydive Phoenix
Arizona's friendliest dropzone!
4 stars ****
Address: 56580 W Dasher Dr, Maricopa, AZ 85139
Phone: (480) 557-5867
Instagram: @skydivephoenix
Hrs. 8am-7pm
Wi-Fi (yes)
Power (yes)
Dogs Welcome (please keep an eye on them and PICK UP AFTER THEM it’s just nice!)

"The experience including the place, the staff was amazing."
"(from stl) Great people, great scenery, check them out!"
"Small enough that you feel like family and large enough to put up loads."
You will need:
USPA card, Log Book and Reserve Card
Check In:
You will check in at the main office (located inside the main office)
Be prepared to fill out forms and watch a USPA video and be given a tour and briefing about the drop zone. This process takes anywhere from 20 to 30 min.
* Pay at the end of your day.
 Getting ready to jump
*Team Rooms
*Shooting range (opens after last load)
*A Staff of Professional Packers - $7.00 per pack job. * Tip your rigger it's just nice
*There is a large fun jumper room if you chose to pack yourself.
*Full altitude - $25.00
*Hop & Pop - $23.00
               PAC 7
1 Cessna 182
1 Cessna 206
One PAC or Caravan
Flying in:
The closest Airport to Skydive Phoenix is Sky Harbor International airport
Address: 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Code: PHX
Phone: (602) 273-3300
*38 miles to the North it's around a 40-min. drive.
*If flying in we recommend renting a car or post in the ranch fun jumpers Face book page and see if someone is in the area to pick you up. *give some gas money, it’s just nice!
* however, I think you would want a car for this drop zone as all attractions and stores are not within walking distance.
 Marc owner and proud pilot
Driving in:
We at Pussfoot love taking road trips. Road trips give us the opportunity to meet amazing people and visit new drop zones. Having our own car on a skydiving adventure gives us a sense of safety and an additional place to store belongings. Not to mention that there is so much to do and see in this area that a car in my option is a must. A close second is a friend with a car.
*Use Waze - this will route you around traffic and show you all the police. This app should save you some time on your journey.
*Do you really need to bring that? Pack light, you are still in America and can stop to get whatever you need.
*Get a BP rewards card. You will earn $ 0.10 off a gallon for every 20 you buy. * There are BP gas stations all the way down. This last trip I saved over $50.00 in fuel using one. You will find me putting the BP rewards card into every review. I swear by this card. I myself have filled a tank for under $1.00. Trust me get one.
*Remember to take breaks, switch drivers and stay hydrated and fueled up. The most important part of any road trip is enjoying the journey, no need to rush!
                              Jill and Scott after her first Jump!
Arriving at DZ:
So, you made it! Do you know where you are staying?   Do not forget to check in to manifest when they are open so you can fill out you waver and be given an orientation.
Please check the weather for conditions
                         Always Sunny
3 stars ***
Open field with no shade
Camp Fire (yes) fire pit only (located near beer line *please see map below)
Cooking (yes) Gas grill located next to shad and vending machines.
Camper / RV’s welcome, no hook-ups. (Talk to the staff about where to dump your tanks)
Please talk to Manifest prior to setting up if they are open. If office is closed please check in in the morning.

Where to set up:
When you arrive, you will find a medium field directly behind the parking lot this is where many people set up for their stay. Talk to any one for intel on where you can put your tent. Please see the marked map below for details.
 That View!
2 stars **
(once showers are complete this will be 3+)
Please see the Map below. There is one bathroom located at this drop zone.
Bathroom - (showers under construction) * Keep it clean don't be a slob!
You are in the desert. Grilling your own food in my opinion is the best option. However, if you have a car there is plenty of food choices around 15 min from the DZ.
Food is available within 15 min of the DZ.
Please see link below,+Maricopa,+AZ+85139&*&spf=386
 Sky Family
Located within a 15 minute drive this grocery store has everything you need
Food, Beer and hygiene
Address: 21044 N John Wayne Pkwy, Maricopa, AZ 85139
Phone: (520) 836-4400
Located in Maricopa, 13 miles to the north around a 20-min. drive.
This is a super Wal-Mart and is open 24/7
Address: 41650 W Maricopa Casa Grande H, Maricopa, AZ 85138
Phone: (520) 568-0846
There are a few choices for hotels close to the DZ, please see link above.
*if you want your best bang for your buck try Airbnb
Airbnb Link:
Things to see:
Ok so this is Arizona, the blue-sky capital of North America! Weather holds are rare however they do happen.  What to do if you find yourself on a hold?  Well if you think you are done for the day feel free to grab a Beer. However, if you think the day could be saved and want to keep the adrenaline going here are a few things to do. You are in the desert and if you like hiking or vistas they trust me you are in heaven. Take that car that you rented and start to drive. You will find national parks that will blow your mind and warm your soul. Make sure to check out the Casa Grande Ruins, for some breathe taking views and some history.  If your looking for a party town don't forget to check out Tempe and the ASU campus.
Sonora Wings Hang Gliding:
Located 20 miles away and around a 30-min. drive 
Address: 32500 W Bud Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85138
Phone: (480) 251-1515
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument:
Located 48 miles away and around a 1 hr. drive.
Address: 1100 W Ruins Dr, Coolidge, AZ 85128
Phone: (520) 723-3172
IFly Phoenix:
Located 49 miles to the north of Skydive Phoenix and around a 50-min. drive. IFly Phoenix is the newest tunnel in the iFly family. Defiantly worth the drive.
Address: 9206 E. Talking Stick Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85250
Phone: (480) 712-4359
Hrs. 9am -10pm
If you are looking for something completely different that will burn a memory deep into your head, I recommend the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch! When we are preparing to write a guide for a drop zone we survey the area looking for interesting and fun activities for you to try. Let me tell you, The Ostrich Ranch is beyond the coolest place I’ve been in years.  From the amazing staff, feeling like a kid again to the animals and knowledge you will gain from visiting. A must when in the area.  This attraction is very reasonably priced. If you are going to venture out make sure to add this to your list, an extreme petting zoo make sure to ride the monster truck and feed the stingrays. Tell Danna Pussfoot sent ya!! Trust me is the Darndest Place you’ll ever Visit!!

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich ranch
Located 69 miles to the south a very well worth 1 hr. drive.
Monster Truck Rides weekends only
4 stars ****
Address: 17599 E Peak Ln, Picacho, AZ 85141
Phone: (520) 466-3658
 Stingray feeding      Feed The Birds
 something for everyone trust me
In closing Pussfoot had an epic time at Skydive Phoenix and has plans to return later this year. Everything about this drop zone made us feel welcome, alive and happy.  When we arrived, we were not sure what to expect, but by the time we disembarked we left with a desire to make plans for our next trip here. Pussfoot is planning on hosting some amazing events here so make sure to check our site often for information.  I hope you get a chance to visit and love Skydive Phoenix as much as we did. 
Thank you for taking your time to read this guide. We try to keep all our content up to date. If you find something to be out of date or if you would like to have us add something to the Guide, please comment below or email us at
Blue Skies and please share this on Face Book
Credits: Brian Casserly


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