Skydive New England - The Guide

Have you ever had an itch to travel, or just needed a break from your dropzone? Maybe you just want to see what else is out there in this huge world we live in. Well, Skydive New England is a must! Located in Maine, around 1.5 hrs from downtown Boston and 4 hrs from NY, the roads are open and the drive is fun. I can only explain SDNE to like this, one of the most magical places to jump in the world- yes the world.  From the first moment you enter the dropzone you will start to feel this little flutter in your toes. And once you utter your first words to a local you will fully understand that you are in the presence of pure amazing. Skydive New England is beyond balanced with fun and safety, and I will forever be wishing I was there. I hope you have the opportunity to visit and if you do please tag us in your photos and tell them Brian says hi.


Home to the world famous Tiki Boogie



Drop Zone:
 Skydive New England
Burble DZ
5 stars *****
Location: Lebanon ME
Address: 40 Skydive Ln, Lebanon, ME 04027

You will need:

USPA card, Log Book and Reserve Card


Check In:

You will check in at the Pro Shop (please see map)



*Pro Shop


*Bathroom with showers

*A Staff of Professional Packers - $7.00 per pack job. * Tip your rigger it's just nice

*There is a large fun jumper packing tent if you chose to pack yourself.

 That smile 


*Full altitude - $25.00
*Hop & Pop - $16.00
*Cessna Pricing is subject to altitude


*Twin Otter 
*Cessna 206



Its Super Fast 

Flying in:

The closest airport to SDNE is Portsmouth International Airport.

Address: 36 Airline Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Code: PSM


*27.6 miles to the south it's around a 35 min drive

*If flying in we recommend renting a car

Editor's note 

* A little Ewok advised me that is you fly into Bostons Logan Airport, you can take a bus to Dover NH. Dover is located around twenty min from the DZ. if you call ahead the DZ will pick you up for a $25 fee. 

C&J bus Lines 



Driving in:

We at Pussfoot love taking road trips. Road trips give us the opportunity to meet amazing people and visit new drop zones. Having our own car on a skydiving adventure gives us a sense of safety and an additional place to store belongings. So if you are like us and are going to drive there are some things to know.


*Use Waze - this will route you around traffic and show you all of the police. This app should save you some time on your journey.

*If you are coming from the NE let's say New York - trust me stay on 95 unless Waze tells you to exit. Just like Mom Waze knows best!

*Do you really need to bring that? Pack light, you are still in America and can stop to get whatever you need.

*Get a BP rewards card. You will earn $ 0.10 off a gallon for every 20 you buy. * There are BP gas stations all the way down. This last trip I saved over $25.00 in fuel using one.

*Remember to take breaks, switch drivers and stay hydrated and fueled up. The most important part of any road trip is enjoying the journey, no need to rush!


Arriving at DZ:

     So you made it! Do you know where you are staying? Do not forget to check in to the Pro Shop when they are open so you can fill out you waver and be given an orientation. If you will be arriving after hrs and you have rented a room, make sure to let management know you will be late. If you are camping make sure to visit the pro shop when you wake up to check in.

                                                         DJ or Bad on sat nights

My advice would be to stay at the DZ for your trip. Every Saturday there night is a mini boogie, with DJ's and bands. I've never seen such a cool party atmosphere anywhere else I've visited.
5 stars + *****
Open field with with shade, RV’s welcome.
Campfire (yes) -Just not on the grass
* If you are in the field you will find an enormous fire pit
* Many of the locals will be having fires at their camp sites and you should use this as an opportunity to meet people.
* All of the people will welcome you to their sites as if you were family
Cooking (yes)
The DZ has a good amount of wood but if you like, you can get bundles of wood from Tractor supply located just up the road for $5.00 a bundle. However I do not think you will need to buy.
This pit rips  


   4 Stars ****
* Super Clean - Don't be a slob keep them clean for the next guy or girl

Tractor Supply:

8.4 miles to the south  / around a 15 min drive

Address: 12 Two Rod Rd, Rochester, NH 03867



Food, Beer and hygiene

8.2 miles to the south / around a 15 min drive

Address: 116 Farmington Rd, Rochester, NH 03867


Below you will find a map of Skydive New England.  Look for the red arrow that says Camping area. Just pull in and set up your tent. Be mindful to stay behind the Beer line also marked do not cross. If it is late try to be quiet because there may be people trying to sleep.  You will also find the bathroom marked on Map. (There are no locks on the bathrooms and they are kept clean so please do your part to keep them that way). * I found that this tent city is extremely safe, nothing was stolen. There is always someone watching out for your gear.  With that being said you never know who might not be part of the Skydive Code. So take care to lock up whatever you can and be mindful of your stuff. Need a tent and or camping supply's, don't forget that an unnamed large have it all store is located nearby and has an unconditional 90 day return policy.




*I recommend staying at the DZ, However if you need a hotel here is the link.


Rent a room:

Skydive New England has five rooms to rent. I found the rooms extremely comfortable and affordable.

Super Clean

No bathroom in rooms

 Bathroom less than 50 ft away

Bunk Room - up to 4

Single Bedroom available

Movie Night


Editor's Note

SDNE is big on keeping it clean. Please help keeping it this way.

Trash cans located everywhere.



Ripcord Cafe - located in Skydive New England

3 stars *** ( $$ )

Open - 8am - 9pm



The Ripcord is a far cry from the hot dog guy or greasy hamburgers you might be used to at your local DZ.  Food Ranges from Burgers to burritos. The cook also offers a fixed menu on Saturday nights for around $8 ( I had the pork chop and it was amazing).  The staff is amazing and know the area so you can use them as a resource if you would like to venture out. * You will be allowed to use their power to charge up phones, batteries etc. 


Other food is available within 10 min of the DZ:

*Ask the main office for their folder of food. It also contains some ideas for weather holds.

* The Mobile Gas station just down the road also has a grill with tons of food options.


Things to see:

Ok so this is Maine, one minute you have Blue Sky's, and the next second you have complete cloud cover and rain. So what do you do on a weather hold?  Well if you think you are done for the day feel free to grab a Beer. However, if you think the day could be saved and want to keep jumping here are a few things to do.

You are in Maine, so many outdoor adventures are just around the corner. You are also just outside of Boston. Around a 1:15 min drive to the south will open you up to anything from food to museums. If you are spending a good amount of time at SDNE I would recommend taking the ride. If you are dead set on staying in Maine we have come up with a few ideas below.

* Make sure to ask the main office to see there secret book of things to do and eat...


The Beach:

Ogunquit Beach

124 Beach St, Ogunquit, ME 03907

Around a 45 minute drive to the east.

Plenty of sand and space even during the busy season.

Lifeguard on duty.

Trip Advisor


Indoor Rock Climbing:

Address: 47 Broadway, Dover, NH 03820


Phone: (603) 742-7848

Around a 30 minute drive to the south

Prices: Day Pass $14



Gully Oven Park

Address: 231 Gully Oven Rd, Lebanon, ME 04027

Located around a 10 minute drive to the north

Facebook Page:


In closing Pussfoot had an amazing time at Skydive New England. Although we were there for only four days we were able to meet some amazing people and make lifelong friends. Whether playing domino's or one of the many other games located at the dropzone, having an epic meal at the ripcord calf or sitting by the huge campfire making friends SDNE has something for everyone.


Brian Casserly 

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