Skydive Deland - The Guide

       Maybe it’s too cold at your home DZ or just in the mood to visit Florida. Well folks Skydive Deland is an amazing location to Jump and visit many of our gear manufactures.  From amazing weather and people to some of the top brands Deland has much to offer. This drop zone offers amazing accommodations and the staff is more than willing to help you find your way around.  I would recommend staying at least three to four solid days depending on your schedule and mode of transportation.


                                    Axel at manifest 

        Drop Zone:
      Skydive Deland
4 stars ****
Location: DeLand Municipal Airport
Address:1600 Flight Line Blvd, DeLand, FL 32724
You will need:
USPA card, Log Book and Reserve Card
Check In:
You will check in at the Pro Shop (please see map)
*If you have a large sum of cash and do not want to lose it, you can put it on your account at the Pro shop. If you need cash go pull some out. This way it's safe!
*Pro Shop
*Bathroom with laundry (Coin Operated) and showers
*A Staff of Professional Packers - $7.00 per pack job. * Tip your rigger it's just nice
*There is a large fun jumper packing tent if you chose to pack yourself.
*Full altitude - $25.00
*Hop & Pop - $19.00

*Twin Otter
*SC.7 Skyvan
Flying in:
The closest Airport to Skydive Deland is Orlando International
Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827
Code: MCO
*59.3 miles to the south it's around a one hour drive
*If flying in we recommend renting a car
Driving in:
We at Pussfoot love taking road trips. Road trips give us the opportunity to meet amazing people and visit new drop zones. Having our own car on a skydiving adventure gives us a sense of safety and an additional place to store belongings. So if you are like us and are going to drive there are some things to know.
*Use Waze - this will route you around traffic and show you all of the police. This app should save you some time on your journey.
*If you are coming from the NE let's say New York - trust me stay on 95 unless Waze tells you to exit. Just like Mom Waze knows best!
*Do you really need to bring that? Pack light, you are still in America and can stop to get whatever you need.
*Get a BP rewards card. You will earn $ 0.10 off a gallon for every 20 you buy. * There are BP gas stations all the way down. This last trip I saved over $50.00 in fuel using one.
*Remember to take breaks, switch drivers and stay hydrated and fueled up. The most important part of any road trip is enjoying the journey, no need to rush!
Arriving at DZ:
      So you made it! Do you know where you are staying? Do not forget to check in to the Pro Shop when they are open so you can fill out you waver and be given an orientation.
3 stars ***
Open field with no shade
Camp Fire (yes)
Cooking (yes)
The DZ has some wood but you can get bundles of wood from Tractor supply located just up the road for $4.00 a bundle
Tractor Supply:
Address: 2300 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32720
Food, Beer and hygiene
Address:1699 N Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32720
Below you will find a map of Skydive Deland.  Look for the red arrow that says Camping area. Just pull in and set up your tent. Be mindful to stay behind the Beer line also marked do not cross. If it is late try to be quite because there may be people trying to sleep.  You will also find the bathroom marked on Map.  (The code can be obtained from the drop zone or a camper when you arrive). * I found that this tent city is extremely safe, nothing was stolen. There is always someone watching out for your gear.  With that being said you never know who might not be part of the Skydive Code. So take care to lock up whatever you can and be mindful of your stuff.  Need a tent and or camping supply's, don't forget that an unnamed large have it all store is located nearby and has an unconditional 90 day return policy.



Rent a room: 
Homes are located 2 miles from the Drop Zone.  And 2 miles from Down town Deland’s shopping.  
Accommodations Provided for Visitors to the area include- whole houses just like Air B&B. For Individuals or smaller groups that are willing to share a house with other skydivers.

Options are as follows:
$30 per night- single bed shared bathroom
$40 per night queen bed with shared bathroom
$50 per night queen bed with private bathroom
Weekly and monthly rates available upon request
Comes with bedding, soaps, towels, Wi-Fi and cable TV
Contact: Solly Williams – Facebook
Or you can book through Skydive Deland

The Perfect Spot - located in Skydive Deland
3 stars *** ( $$ )
Open - 8am - 9pm

Free Wi-Fi and power :-)
The Perfect spot is a far cry from the hot dog guy or greasy hamburgers you might be used to at your local DZ.  They also have a full service bar that is stocked with a large selection.  **** Try the Soup****.   The staff is amazing and knows the area so you can use them as a resource if you would like to venture out.  * You will be allowed to use their power to charge up phones, battery's etc.
Other food is available within 10 min of the DZ:


Things to see:
Ok so this is Florida, one min you have Blue Sky's, and the next second you have complete cloud cover and rain. So what do you do on a weather hold?  Well if you think you are done for the day feel free to grab a Beer. However, if you think the day could be saved and want to keep jumping here are a few things to do.
You are in DeLand. The Mecca for Skydiving manufacturing, located within walking distance ( 2 -5 min)  you will find Alti2, M2, Vigal, Mirage Containers, UPT and Blue Skies Mag. If you drive off site you will find PD. So why not drop in and see if you can get a tour.

The Beach:
Stay away from Daytona Beach ( its dirty ) however driving just a few more miles you will find New Smyrna Beach, much cleaner and safe for the entire family.
In closing Pussfoot had an amazing time at Skydive Deland. Although we were there for only week we were able to meet some amazing people and make lifelong friends. Whether sipping some of the Perfect Spot’s homemade soup, receiving instruction from some of the best in the world or sitting by your small campfire making friends Deland has something for everyone.

If you would like to add to this Blog please comment below. 

Credits: Brian Casserly, Nick Legname

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