Skydive Delmarva Boogie Benefit Alert - Jump For Valor ( Kenton Stacy )

Attention all Military Skydivers and Fun Jumpers 

Calling all Jumpers located near and far. Skydive Delmarva is hosting The Jump for Valor Boogie to honor all Veterans and their sacrifices.  The boogie will benefit a special member of the military Kenton Stacy ( Navy EOD injured in Syria last year.) This Boogie looks to be epic, not only a sick party but a mission to help someone who is in need of long term care. Kenton risked his life to save others from harm and now it's our turn to help repay the favor. Skydive Delmarva in keeping with a Military theme will also be offering half priced tandems for any active, Guard, Reserve, retired, and VA card carrying members of the military as well as offering $20 lift tickets for military fun jumpers. (Flight-1 will be teaching canopy course and if you sign up for the course you get free registration.)

PussFoot, Kua Sky, OEW and StacyStrong will be on site with some fun games and some free jump tickets. So make sure to come party, jump and show your support for a true Hero.


DZ Info 

LocationSkydive Delmarva

Address32524 Aero Drive, Laurel, DE 19956


Facebook Event Page:

Dates: August 10th-12th

Registration: $40 

Flight-1 will be teaching canopy course and if you sign up for the course you get free registration
*Pre Registration includes food and drinks for the weekend and a Kua Sky jersey!

Registration Link:


Twin Otter 

Helicopter - Sunday Aug 12th $60 from 5k

*(preregistration required no later than Aug 10 , 7pm)


The Fun 

Flight-1 Canopy Course $150 
18k loads available sunrise and sunset $35
6ft Beach Ball contest - winner receives a free jump 
Doll Drop - winner receives a free jump 
Accuracy - winner receives a free jump 
BBQ and Drinks Friday and Saturday night

         The Skinny 

3000 ft grass runway
6 private tie down spots- no fee to park
Camping allowed
Outdoor and Indoor showers
Game room and kitchen
Bunk room
Covered Packing
Bonfire Pit

Everyone Gets Laid 

Live music, dinner, yard games, bon fire and “no shit there I was...” Stories will follow jumping Friday and Saturday night.

Camping is available at no cost, facilities include covered packing indoor and outdoor showers. Game room/ kitchen and bunk room.
We will be flying the super otter all weekend!


About the Benefit

While on his 4th combat deployment, Kenton Stacy, a Navy EOD operator, was critically wounded by an improvised explosive device placed by ISIS fighters.  The wounds sustained by the blast have left Kenton a quadriplegic and blind in one eye. He and his wife Lindsey have 4 young children. Their oldest son has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and often relies on a wheelchair.   
Lindsey is an amazingly strong woman who has anchored her family with steadfast determination to care for her children and Kenton.  However she needs an abundance of help. The long term needs of the Stacy family, and costs associated with Kenton's care are overwhelming.  Wheelchair accessible housing, transportation, childcare and travel expenses are just a few of the immediate costs. The family lives in San Diego and Kenton is currently receiving care in Texas.
There are few things more noble than taking care of our wounded vets and their families.
If you can not make the Boogie please donate to the Stacy Fund
A True Hero and Epic Human


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