Drop Zone Guide

So you have decided to leave the comfort of your home DZ and go explore new and exciting prospects.  Well this is going to be an epic trip but what do you need?  How should you plan your trip? Here at Pussfoot we are dedicated to visiting as many drop zones as possible. We want to be solid guide for all your travel and adventure needs.  In this section you will find pictures, drop zone arrangements, facilities and ideas for weather holds. We are open for you to add content, just comment below and we will review.

If you have a Drop zone you would like us Visit please let me know!
Thank you for taking your time to read this guide. We try to keep all our content up to date. If you find something to be out of date or if you would like to have us add something to the Guide, please comment below or email us at
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Credits: Brian Casserly, Nick Legname

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